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Our seasoned therapists will help you determine the right treatment for your optimum health. Our studio is distinguished by the care and attention we invest in custom-tailored programs for our clients. How can we help you to be your healthiest?

Massage therapy: Total body relaxation


Massage is one of humanity's oldest forms of therapy, and it helps prevent a wide variety of ailments.


Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is your basic relaxation massage. If you never had a massage before and you're not sure what kind of pressure you like this massage may be for you. It's a light pressure massage that helps circulate blood and manipulate muscles.

Facial massage. Massage after rhinoplasty

Recovery procedures and massage is the best way to restore fresh look of your face and speed up the recovery process after nose correction surgery. This kind of massage requires great knowledge and skills from the specialist, who performs it, as there is a great risk of complications after such complex surgery as rhinoplasty. In order to provide our clients with the right massage treatment and help them recover from the surgery as soon as possible, our therapists have passed specialized training program developed by renowned plastic surgeon from Calgary. Now we are certified professionals, who are able to provide our patients with a great variety of facial massage techniques. The massage we offer aimed at the restoration of the form of the nose and swelling removal. Our massage procedures will help you get the desired effect of nose correction surgery much faster.
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Deep Tissue

A deep tissue massage is targeting the deeper muscles in your body and loosening them. Getting to the problem areas to help heal the muscle fibers the correct way.

Integrative Massage

Integrative massage is focusing on problem areas you have. It can be a full body massage or whatever you want focused on.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage is really good for athletes. This massage has a lot of stretching involved, also using massage to loosen the muscles needed.

Four Hands

Experience the touch of two therapists working on you at once!


Couples Massage


Enjoy a relaxing couples massage weather it's to just get together and catch up 
with each other or to make it a great gift, this massage consist of relaxing the body while spending time with your significant other.



Add a chair massage to your get together with your friends. If you're having a bridal shower chair massage is perfect! Also we do cooperate massage!

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